Obesity Hotspots

This is the disturbing picture for obesity in England showing that really the whole country is a hotspot for obesity. It is true the sugar tax is coming, but by the time it arrives the overwhelming majority of soft drinks will have switched largely if not completely, to some sort of sugar substitute and it… Read more

It’s all in the vocabulary

Australia started it in the form of a small tax rebate in 2009, and it seems that South Korea and Russia are next. What is it? So called helicopter money. It is true that in Australia the amount was small and to every tax payer – whereas the Russian and Korean versions are targeted at… Read more

Property – up, up and away

There are some rather old but devastating trends in this ‘Positive Money’ chart (click to enlarge):   Housing stock and population growth are completely divorced from either house prices or mortgage lending. As I suspected before, the housing market is one that is completely dysfunctional. When our nurses cannot even obtain a secure home we… Read more

Stereotypes, lying and government duty

Yanis Varoufakis has an article in which he suggests that Germany and France – the principal powers of the EU – are rather dysfunctional neighbours: At the heart of this Franco-German war is the clash between two Rs: the German commitment to rectitude versus the French penchant for redistribution. German officials greet every French government… Read more

Everything you ever wanted to know about Bitcoin – and just a little bit more

There is a marvelous article in the ‘Washington Post’ (yes, I know it’s owned by Bezos, the man that owns Amazon, so is not my usual read either) but it provides the best summary of Bitcoin that I’ve yet encountered. I’ve quoted the introduction to whet the appetite: Bitcoin changes prices too quickly to be… Read more

The subterfuge of the tax return

In my recent talk on tax I unsurprisingly mentioned the tax return. Whilst it is not essential to our understanding of what tax is we should at least recognise it as the blatant subterfuge it is: This (tax summary) form was created by George Osborne. It is a shameless example of state produced ideological propaganda… Read more