The housing road to serfdom

“Capitalism must not build a new road to serfdom” concludes an article by Peter Franklin – a previous Conservative speechwriter it turns out – so I was on my guard – but he seems to have been writing mostly for thoughtful Conservatives such as Oliver Letwin… Although, in the article he was talking about the… Read more

Cash or Blockchain?

There is an interesting article in MIT Technology Review which says that “More and more security holes are appearing in cryptocurrency and smart contract platforms, and some are fundamental to the way they were built.” That does not surprise me. If the blockchain can be built then so indeed can it be unbuilt or subverted…. Read more

US versus European Community Banking

I never knew that the US Federal Reserve had someone on their Board of Governors who specialised in community banking but they do, and the Bank of International Settlements has published a recent speech by the holder, Michelle Bowman. She fills the “role designated for someone with community banking experience on the Federal Reserve Board,… Read more

Education, education, edu….

This is unashamed Labour Party propaganda. But let’s forget that.   This is real, proper investment. Investment in ourselves, our people and our future. The only argument against is that it is ‘unaffordable’ and we know that is bunkum. The question is rather can we afford NOT to do this?… Read more