The incompetence of Osborne and Cameron

An interesting study by Warwick University, reported here in the Huffington Post, shows a remarkably high correlation between the effects of austerity and voting Brexit, as the map below suggests. “In other words, by curtailing the welfare state, austerity has likely activated a broad range of existing economic grievances that have developed over a long… Read more

Because we’re not worth it

I’m probably late to the party but there is a very worrying piece in the Independent where it indicates that court enforcers are to be transferred to Capita. Apparently it will ‘save the taxpayer up to £46m over five years’, so that’s over nine million pounds a year – between us all that’s certainly less… Read more

Sold down the river…

Thought this final tweet of Paul Mason was informative: Paul Mason‏Verified account @paulmasonnews 10/ Finally my Tory chums. Try saying the words “stockpile food” to a mum hanging around the out-of-date shelf at Tesco at 5pm, waiting to see if she’s going to feed her kids tonight. If it all goes to shit, that’s the moral… Read more

Food is Healthcare ..

Mentioning the Pioppi Diet to a couple in passing the other day, ‘Well’, they said, pretty much in unison, ‘you know what they say…’ As I didn’t, I thought I’d share the reply: “Food is basically Healthcare, Medicine is certainly not Healthcare, Medicine is Sickcare.” Now we all know  – and if we don’t, there… Read more

Positive Money thinking

Whilst most people were probably on holiday, I spent much of last weekend at a ‘get together’ in scenic London SE1 with Positive Money. Or PoMo as many of the staff seem to call it. I do think that PoMo is to be admired for – uniquely – promoting grass roots groups throughout the country… Read more

HM Treasury says MMT is correct

It was almost a year ago that I originally wrote to my MP to ask him to enquire of the Chancellor ‘Where does money come from?’ I have, at last, received a reply (click to enlarge): It reads rather as though the writer, John Glen, Economic Secretary to the Treasury, has received intensive training from… Read more