Advice for Mr Farage…

There is a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal on Immigration in Hungary. As Jonathan Portes would say, immigrants have to ‘want to come to your country’. But to Hungary? With a declining population and a prosperous EU economy the Oxford educated (yes, really) Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, has little choice. It seems… Read more

The Divine Right of Government

In difficult times, I’m being conceited enough to suggest that this [necessarily edited] post on is worth emphasising…. I doubt very much whether the EU would wish to get involved in the UK constitutional arrangements. I’d suggest they are far more likely to give us a unilateral extension to enable us to sort it… Read more

Brexit without end

I have sympathy with the ‘Deltapoll’ quoted here, where 2049 people (I suspect that must have been the maximum number of UK adults they could persuade to answer…) when asked the really quite logical question “Do you think Brexit will ever end?” 41%, the majority, thought it would, 35% thought it wouldn’t and 24% didn’t… Read more

Selling by the left

I confess I am not usually a fan of Jacobin, which often seems to me, to overstate its case. However there is an interesting article here where I have some considerable sympathy. The article points out the initial joy of the Barrack Obama election success. The author starts: I came to my politics the way most… Read more