Sustainable Government Finance is not a cult

In a recent post on the Tax Research blog I quoted Richard Murphy’s* own words because he seemed to be rather distressed that progressive economists didn’t seem to support Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) calling it a cult! Perhaps it is time to notice that ProgressivePulse readers have better christened it ‘Sustainable Government Finance’ (SGF). “And… Read more

If money is created out of thin air perhaps ‘Silence is Compliance’?

“The only disease right now is the racism that we are fighting.” said England football player Raheem Sterling. He suggests that protesters who took to the streets after the killing of George Floyd are trying to find a solution to injustice. That’s eminently reasonable. But when are we going to get aboard the injustice of… Read more

‘Subverted by thuggery’ or are we living in revolutionary times?

How Johnson can realistically hold that chucking a statue of Edward Colston into the water is thuggery I really do not know – and he was, after all, supposed to know a bit about thuggery himself. If he’d pointed out that the South West England especially, had for centuries, been subject to kidnapping and slavery… Read more