Bankers still rool…

I don’t agree with the idea that we have to borrow money in order to have any, but the calculation in the image below demonstrates that, even within the orthodox borrow to spend framework the calculations are favourable, if we presume that everyday people are as worthy as banks themselves for government help for short… Read more

Covid-19 continued ..3

This is from a twitterer which amused me: Owing to the worsening situation, I’ve upgraded the musical accompaniment for my hand washing to Wagner’s Ring Cycle. Doesn’t leave much time for anything else, but safety first… Yet, joking apart, the UK prevention system for Covid-19 seems highly ‘individual’ and even somewhat suspect (see below): With… Read more

Covid-19 … continued

First – let me be clear: I’m no expert. But simple logic suggests that the current government’s idea of engendering herd immunity is both logical and cruel – people will die now, who might otherwise die later – even much, much later. But if we keep well apart until further notice which is broadly the… Read more