Impure thought

There is a lot to disagree with in James Bloodworth’s article here – yes, you read that right, in spite of his gripping book, ‘Hired’, I don’t agree with much in this piece at all! But I do think the conclusion is worth highlighting: Patriotism needn’t be flashy or tub-thumping. But it does begin with… Read more

Wealth always trickles up – it’s all in the maths

I bumped into a very interesting article in the ‘Scientific American’ – which I confess is not my usual bed-time reading and whose maths I find sometimes fairly challenging…. But nonetheless, by using ‘agent-based models’ (indeed they could even be called free agents) a team were able to replicate equal exchanges within an economy and… Read more

‘Good work at a good wage, everywhere’

This is the ‘idea’ of Andy Haldane, Chief Economist of the Bank of England, who has contributed an interesting introduction to the RSA paper on solving the productivity puzzle. Although for me, it is worryingly threaded with pseudo scientific language – and in consequence, some over-complex analysis. Although I do agree that: The UK’s “productivity… Read more

And now 20 ways to try to prevent ‘Justice denied’

The Secret Barrister, he of book fame, has a wonderful tweet which recalls my previous piece on the criminal justice system but is much more detailed. It is unfortunately, even worse than I initially thought. I’ve linked to the thread here so if you are interested – and I think we all ought to be,… Read more

Justice denied

In Johnson’s very soft and undemanding breakfast interview yesterday he said he wanted ‘county lines gangs totally wound up‘. I , (together with the Evening Standard!) have already suggested an educational route that would help. But, if he’s actually serious, in order to achieve that ‘winding up’ he will have to spend some money on… Read more