Quantitative easing: good or bad?

To repurpose a quote attributed to the physicist Richard Feynman, “If you think you understand money, then you do not understand money.” Feynman was talking about “quantum mechanics”, not “money”. Most people would probably think that they have very little in common. The similarities may be subtle but there is one fact that in both… Read more

Essential workers – remember them!

Most sensible people have always realised that health is essential, and that nurses and all health support workers are essential workers. And now in this time of crisis, we can see exactly how essential these essential workers really are. Not just nurses and the health sector, but also farmers and other agricultural workers, lorry drivers,… Read more

Covid-19: A test of leadership

It is difficult to write about Covid-19 because, above all, this is a human tragedy – behind every statistic are a manifold of individual human stories. Still the statistics are very important, because they may help us to learn how to save lives in the future. At the level of government, Covid-19 is a test… Read more

The household fallacy

It’s election time and the household fallacy is back in vogue. On Radio 4s “Any Questions” this week a lady asked (more eloquently then my version, go to 14.45 minutes in), how are we supposed to teach our children about counting their pennies when politicians are promising to spend on this, that, and t’other? The… Read more

Rock paper scissors

I never really liked the game rock-paper-scissors, because it seemed, well, ‘kind of random’. But there is another story that is rather interesting. This simple game provides us with an abstract framework to walk through complex questions such as whether the supreme court ruling on the prorogation of the UK parliament was appropriate or not…. Read more

‘I am’ Greta Thunberg

Christopher Caldwell has an Opinion piece in the New York Times called The Problem With Greta Thunberg’s Climate Activism. The problem with Christopher Caldwell’s opinion – “Kids her age have not seen much of life. Her worldview might be unrealistic, her priorities out of balance.” – is that the more knowledgeable parts of the human race… Read more