Andrew Dickie

Retired since 2005, I am currently a licensed Reader in the Church of England. My last post before retirement was that of a barrister in private practice, being a mature entrant to the profession, with a strong commitment to the provision of quality legal services to the community, having worked for a voluntary sector legal services provider. I have a good track record in community renewal in the voluntary sector, working as a Regeneration Co-ordinator in a CVS for four years, having previously been a Councillor for four years, and Chair of the Council’s Economic Development Committee. It is worth observing that all my 4 years on the Council I was unemployed, apart from the period I was doing my pupillage for the Bar, so I also know what it is like to be on the receiving end of the DWP’s predecessor. I also worked for 12 years in the area of O&M and productivity services in a multinational telecoms company, and prior to that had a career in languages and teaching, as well being a translator, and researcher.