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  • We believe in society that works for the many not the few.
  • We believe in society that cherishes all the children of the nation equally.
  • We believe that we hold the Earth in stewardship for future generations.
  • We believe in a mixed economy where both the private and public sector works in partnership.
  • We believe our society is enhanced by multiculturalism and celebrate diversity.
  • We believe in objective truth not dogma.
  • We believe new economic and social thinking is needed.
  • We believe tax is necessary for a successful society and should be collected equitably.
  • We believe in electoral reform in the UK with a movement towards Proportional Representation.

A more detailed version of this is available in the About Detail page which has a comment section should you wish to make constructive suggestions.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. I I find the basis of your policy & statements compelling at a time when we urgently need to find fundamental revision of a society that is lurching further towards polarisation of wealth towards a smaller minority. A lack of understanding towards the need of a culture that ensures we develop towards more equality and goals that will establish such is prevalent. It is critically important that a greater depth is established.
    I’m Scottish & live in Edinburgh. I want to see Scottish Government adopt, irrespective of issues on independence, policy that will establish a 25 year phased Plan for the Economy (Business Plan) based on the principals you outline.

    1. Thanks
      I was in your beautiful city of Edinburgh at the weekend (shame about the weather). I worry far more about England these days, I think the Scots are more switched on and politically aware. England seems to be sleepwalking towards a hard Brexit and perpetual Tory rule.

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