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  • We believe in society that works for the many not the few.
  • We believe in society that cherishes all the children of the nation equally.
  • We believe that we hold the Earth in stewardship for future generations.
  • We believe in a mixed economy where both the private and public sector works in partnership.
  • We believe our society is enhanced by multiculturalism and celebrate diversity.
  • We believe in objective truth not dogma.
  • We believe new economic and social thinking is needed.
  • We believe tax is necessary for a successful society and should be collected equitably.
  • We believe in electoral reform in the UK with a movement towards Proportional Representation.

A more detailed version of this is available in the About Detail page which has a comment section should you wish to make constructive suggestions.

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I I find the basis of your policy & statements compelling at a time when we urgently need to find fundamental revision of a society that is lurching further towards polarisation of wealth towards a smaller minority. A lack of understanding towards the need of a culture that ensures we develop towards more equality and goals that will establish such is prevalent. It is critically important that a greater depth is established.
    I’m Scottish & live in Edinburgh. I want to see Scottish Government adopt, irrespective of issues on independence, policy that will establish a 25 year phased Plan for the Economy (Business Plan) based on the principals you outline.

    1. Thanks
      I was in your beautiful city of Edinburgh at the weekend (shame about the weather). I worry far more about England these days, I think the Scots are more switched on and politically aware. England seems to be sleepwalking towards a hard Brexit and perpetual Tory rule.

    1. Hi
      thanks for getting in touch. We were unaware of your site when we registered Progressive Pulse both as a domain and company in the UK. I spent a very nice week in Chapel Hill visiting some friends at UNC many years ago when I was doing my PhD and thoroughly enjoyed NC. We are pretty non partisan as well but are left of centre. The US is of considerable at present with your new president. If you feel that you would like to highlight issues which might also be of interest on this side of the pond we will be very happy to promote your site.

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