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This blog is published by and copyright of Progressive Pulse Limited, company number 10684315  at
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  • We are a centre left blog and are not affiliated to any political party but are willing to support like minded people in the Green, Labour, Lib Dem, Plaid Cymru and SNP parties, and even some on the left of the Tory party.
  • We do not support and actively oppose individual and parties that espouse right wing populism, totalitarianism, racism, sectarianism, bigotry or English (or any other form of) supremeism  either expressed overtly or covertly. This includes the right wing of the Tory Party and UKIP.
  • We believe in wider participation and electoral reform including PR and that governance and economic wealth in the UK is being increasingly skewed towards the South East of England. New structures are needed to address this.
  • We very much regret Brexit and believe the UK will be impoverished Economically, Academically, Culturally and Diplomatically and that Brexit may cause the UK to break up with the loss of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Furthermore the normalisation  of anti immigrant and racist rhetoric is a stain on the country, with potentially very unpleasant consequences in the future.
  • We believe in society that works for the many not the few, which minimises wealth inequality, maximises education opportunity, delivers health and social care for all and provides decent housing and well-being for all its citizens.
  • We believe in society that cherishes all the children of the nation equally, irrespective of race, religion, gender, age or sexual orientation.
  • We believe that we hold the Earth in stewardship for future generations and that we have obligation to do what we can to enhance sustainability and combat climate change.
  • We believe in a mixed economy where both the private and public sector works in partnership where for example the NHS and rail should be in public ownership and all retail and most manufacturing in private ownership.
  • We believe our Society is enhanced by multiculturalism and celebrate diversity, but understand that too little has been done for areas which have been left behind by automation and international free trade over the past four decades.
  • We believe in objective truth not dogma and that decisions must be made on the best available evidence. This is of increasing importance as the use of fake news and agnotology is on the rise.
  • We believe new economic and social thinking is needed. Neoliberalism which came to prominence in the Thatcher/Reagan era, which puts money and markets before people,  has worked for the few not the many and has been in crisis since the 2008 banking crash.
  • We believe we are on a journey and there is a need to both educate and be educated, but that radically new economic and structural models are needed.
  • We believe in having as close a relationship to our neighbours particularly the EU and believe in a spirit of cooperation and friendship rather than belligerence.

We are a progressive movement and know that our ideas need to evolve with the times:
–    Step 1 is to provide a forum for ideas. This is here at progressivepulse.org
–    Step 2 is to synthesise these ideas into a coherent vision fit for the 21st century.
–    Step 3 is to develop a movement for the vision
–    Step 4 is to promulgate the vision.


A summarised version of this is available on the about page.


Please feel free to make suggestions in the comment section. This is a working document and constructive suggestions are very much welcomed.



9 thoughts on “About Detail”

    1. Hi Noel
      Peter Dawe was recruited by Richard Murphy; I have not had any dealings with him and no idea if this is him. Hopefully Richard will have time to pop in later to reply.

      1. I see there’s no contributions from Peter Dawe so I guess it’s ok that the Director doesn’t post. He’d get shouted down by his own contributors!

  1. I hope your project does well, but it troubles me that it’s all a bit male. Apparently, you have no women contributors, only the briefest mention of gender issues in your creed, and no mention of misogyny in the list of dreadful things that you oppose. Would you accept that there’s an issue here? Do you envisage that this will change soon?

    1. Hi Stephen
      it worries us as well that we have so few female members. We absolutely do need something on gender issues. We do however have one very strong female on our team, Prof Mary Mellor from Northumbria, and we are actively searching for more. Mary is very strong on feminist issues but quite busy and will “Contribute when she Can.” I do need to add a page about her in the contributors section. She has done for example a lot of work on Ecofemenism:

      “Mary Mellor argues that ecofeminism has a major contribution to make to understanding the current destructive relationship between humanity and nonhuman nature. She describes her work as ecofeminist political economy, which sees women’s work and lives as standing at the intersection of destructive economies and the natural world. Her concern is with women’s position at the boundaries of economic systems. Ecofeminist political economy sees the externalisation and exploitation of women and nature as linked. For women, their marginalisation from what is identified as ‘the economy’ is not accidental. While women are present in the economy in large numbers as consumers and employees, their lives as women is excluded. That is, the particular experience of being a woman in a gendered society. Central to this is women’s work. Women’s work is the work that has historically been associated with women, both inside and outside of the market place. Women’s work is the basic work that makes other forms of activity possible. It secures the human body and the community. If a woman enters formal economic life she must leave her woman-life behind; childcare, domestic work, responsibility for elderly relatives, subsistence work, community activities. Economic life is therefore limited and partial in relationship to women’s lives.”

      I do hope she will have time to drop in soon as it is an extremely important area and thanks for raising it.

  2. Hello

    I wish you all sucess with this new venture.

    In the reading list I see “The Spirit Level” mentioned, yet I do not see The Equality Trust, the influential think tank run by the co authors of the book, listed.

    The Equality Trust are responsible for highlighting inequality in the uk, which has been taken on board by political parties.

    I assume it was just an oversight, to be remedied in due course.

    1. Gareth
      Thanks noted and will add a link to the Equality Trust. There will be lots of oversights; the blog will hopefully settle down after a few weeks.

  3. Hi Everyone

    The ‘Creed’ seems like a great start.
    I wonder if there could be something about the enforcement of democratically agreed laws and rules: HMRC with eyes closed or elsewhere, parliamentary oversight(s) without teeth (certain billionaires ignoring the electoral commission), implementation of the disability agenda by sports facilities etc?

    1. Tom
      thanks. The Creed is indeed just a start, certainly not fixed in stone (somehow Ed Miliband sprang to mind!)
      Yes these are all important issues. On tax of course our own Richard Murphy is a tireless campaigner. Air quality is also a very topical issue at present, which the Torys have been kicking into the long grass for years.
      It needs to be linked with Justice and Fairness I think. All people must be treated equally under the law; lip service is paid to that but the reality can be very different

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